Posted by: Amanda | June 7, 2007

Furry Cosleeping

We’ve had more than our fair share of thunderstorms as of late. Molly gets very upset by the noise, so we (read: Andy) have been allowing her to sleep with us In The Big Bed. It would not be such a big deal if she were a normal dog and slept in a ball at the foot of the bed. This princess however, demands top spot right in the middle – nestled in between two warm bodies that have strict instructions to pet her until she falls asleep.

Often she will wake up sweating because she has swaddled herself in our down comforter. By this point Andy and I are both hanging on for dear life on the sides of our KING size bed as she sprawls herself horizontally across the center still bucking and kicking our kidneys for more room.

Tuesday morning I woke up with my head on the night stand next to the bed. All the pillows were on the floor and the blankets were in a neat pile at the end of the bed. Andy was teetering on the edge, and Molly was fast asleep.

Wednesday night we put her in her bed and she whined and howled for 20 minutes (um…slaves…you forgot me!). I threatened to stab and kill Andy if he gave into her. We (read: Amanda) are both a little punchy when we don’t get a good night sleep.

This is what cosleeping must feel like.



  1. That must be a basset trait. Zoe used to always do that when we allowed her in our bed. Your description of Tuesday morning is a riot. Thunderstorms forcasted for here tonight 🙂

  2. We occasionally cosleep with Lady C (12mos). I think we have it better than you. She stays put during the night and doesn’t take up too much room 🙂

  3. Oh gosh! I almost peed my pants laughing! Too funny! My dog, Charlie, a shih tzu, does not like thunderstorms either. He shakes, hides his head in my side, and sometimes he’s incontinent. One night while I was sleeping and there was a thunderstorm of which I was totally unaware. He jumped on my back and nearly scared me to death!

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