Posted by: Amanda | June 12, 2007

Weekend Rewind

More pics here and here.

:: We had a great weekend last weekend. You know, the kind where it takes you the entire next week to recover from. Friday night we had a youth group bonfire and cookout which was a blast!

:: Saturday we woke up at 10:30am. We had to recover from staying up past midnight. Whew are we getting old.

:: Saturday night our good friends The Odom’s had a wonton making party at their house. Our other friends The Wong’s and their friends from CA showed us Mainers (who are typically devoid of culture) how to make proper Chinese cuisine. Andy who is infamous for hating anything “ethnic” actually tried and liked the wonton soup. A few other firsts happened that night. Andy asked to hold Elliot. The Baby. And I got to hold a little baby myself.

:: Sunday morning was church as usual. Andy worked his magic in the sound booth and I served in the nursery. We had six kids under one years of age. I got a small glimpse of what this couple goes through on a daily basis (meanwhile – new episodes starting tonight!)
:: After church we had a Baptism service at the hotel pool across from our church. I’ve been a Christian for over 13 years now, so I thought it was high time to be baptized. Technically, but not technically – if that makes sense – I have already been “baptized” as a baby growing up in the Catholic church. I know as well as anyone I didn’t make a conscious decision as a 5 month old to follow Christ, so against my mother’s wishes I made that declaration again at 27 or 318 months 🙂

:: After drying off, we loaded our little Honda with the dog in tote and headed for Windham to canoe. Along the way we picked up our good friends Caren and Theresa and Angel from youth group. Canoeing was great. It was the perfect temperature, and most importantly there were little to no bugs. We found this rope swing in the middle of our trip and well…. you can see here how that went:

:: Andy’s 29th birthday is tomorrow. I plan to take him out to eat (Bugaboo, of course) but the big celebration is on Sunday with his parents. We are having a lobster boil at our house (we meaning not me – I’m allergic therefore usually wind up having the hotdog alternative….my mouth is watering just thinking about it).

:: This year instead of traditional cake, Andy wants peach cobbler. I’ve never made it before. Does anyone have a good recipe? I much prefer chocolate on chocolate like I made last year. Is a birthday really a birthday without chocolate cake? I think not.



  1. Well, that looks like quite an eventful weekend. When Josh was being homeschooled we got chickens in the mail. I know they come in the mail as Wm. was a post master and this time of year he would always talk about all the chicks they got in every day.
    I love canoeing……Wm. unfortunately does not.
    Congratulations on your water baptism. Sprinkling doesn’t count!
    Allergic to lobster? Bummer?
    Your mouth is watering just thinking about the lobster everyone else is going to eat or the hot dog you will be eating? What does Molly get?

  2. You’re not quite DEVOID of culture. It’s just a different culture. Fiddleheads, lobsters, red hot dogs, patriot’s day, snowmobiling, turkey hunting, ice fishing and LL Bean as a major supplier of clothing is a culture. You need to appreciate the culture that you’re in. We did. (Except the red hot dogs, snowmobiling, ice fishing and turkey hunting.)

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