Posted by: Amanda | June 21, 2007


While trying to figure out how to assemble a TV mount…..

Me: Do you want help with that?

Andy: (various snorting sounds)

Me: I think that black thingy goes on the outside

Andy: NO! It goes on the INSIDE. I know because I took it apart.

Me: Silly me. Ok, I’ll leave you alone now. Call if you need help.

Andy: (under his breath) ya… I call if I need help (sigh), (sigh), (eye roll)

30 minutes pass and from downstairs I hear thump, thump, “AHHHHHH“, “I DON’T GET IT”, “THIS THING IS A PIECE OF JUNK!” I go back upstairs.

Me: Can I look at it?

Andy: No, it’s broken so your not going to be able to fix it.

Amanda: Just let me see it.

Andy: FINE! (Andy exits the room and runs up and down the hallway screaming and pulling his hair out)

Amanda: (locates directions). Two minutes later….Voila. Fixed.

Andy: Just. Kill. Me.

Oh…and by the way – the black thingy DID go on the outside.



  1. This is so typical of what happens when my boyfriend trys to hook something up or put it together for me. . . πŸ™‚ Liek when we hooked up the tv and surround sytem he got me for christmas. . . he played with it for an hour, I looked at the directions and had it all up and running in about 15 minutes πŸ™‚

    lol. . . guys are too funny sometimes:)

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