Posted by: Amanda | June 24, 2007

Puppy pedicure

Molly detests having her nails clipped. I’ve tried everything; everything that is except Daddy (re: Andy – I know we’re silly).

For me Molly bucks like a wild horse. Growling and running away at the slightest glimpse of the clippers. She even runs away if I reach for the something on the same shelf.

Not once have I ever hurt her nail. I’m very careful with her.

Saturday, Andy decided it’s time for a clip. He put Molly on his lap and was putty. She just let him cut away with not so much as an eye-roll.

I guess I know my place in the pecking order.



  1. ugh, nail clipping! My dog hope isn’t too bad about it, she doesnt like it, but she’ll let me do all of them in one sitting if i promise to rub her belly a little in between paws:) Now my bf’s dog Cujo, he’s another story, (he’s a rottweiler) and it take me to rub his belly and keep the squirming to a minimum while john clips. There is much vocal protesting and he growls in a grumpy way poor doggy !

  2. I was always afraid to clip Zoe’s nails (or any of the other “girls” for that matter) I always had them clipped when she went to the groomer for baths.
    Our daughter Susan has a dog that will actually put out her paw and get her nails clipped. When they finish with one they tell her OK, and she puts out another paw.
    I am convinced the dogs know what they can get away with and with whom. Zoe never gave Wm. the grief she gave me.

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