Posted by: Amanda | June 29, 2007

Drum roll please…..

It was the hull of a raspberry! We accidentally bought a box of organic raspberries (I don’t bother with things organic – I’m on a budget – but these were actually cheaper – go figure) and the stems were still attached. I bought them to make these:

Fruit Salad

It’s been SO hot (high 90’s) these last few days – all we’ve been eating is fruit.

well…and cake

Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry filling

The cake was for Andy’s Mom’s birthday. I don’t just bake a cake to have around the house. That would be far too dangerous. We took it up to Topsham after work last night so we could celebrate her birthday with her. It was a stifling 94 degrees in her house so I was more than thrilled to go OUT for dinner. We had a lovely meal at the 99 (It was that or Ruby Tuesdays- small town), then we went to Home Depot to look for an air conditioner. They only had the big mamma’s left. You know the 50,000 BTU’s – the ones that could blow your eyebrows clean off. From there we went to Best Buy were we found a reasonably priced model that everyone agreed upon. While we were there I spotted the pink razor. Andy and are getting new phones next week and it spoke to me. I must have it. For $20 we can’t go wrong (high pitched squeal).

Around 10 last night Andy finished installing the air conditioner and then he hooked up his mother’s router. She finally joined us in the 21st century and got wireless Internet. She had been using dial-up. The horror.

Well chores call. Have a great weekend!


  1. Darcy is a physical therapist at Carthage hospital. She’s married (for 2 years now I think) to Chris Zehr. Don’t know if you’d know him. Have a great time in NY!!

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