Posted by: Amanda | July 1, 2007

Weekend Rewind

We had a great weekend. Friday we took the youth group to the beach and it was fabulous. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time.
Saturday was Honor our Heroes. Aside from getting burnt to a crisp (this is useless BTW) the day went off without a hitch. We got to church around 8am and setup. The event was from 1-3, and we were home by 6. It was a whirlwind.
I got the privilege of taking pictures. You can see some of them here. The rest are here:

My favorite part of the day though was watching Kelly get dunked in the dunk tank. I got it on video, but missed the grand finale. Channel 6 news didn’t though!!!!!! The water was really cold from what I hear. Poor Kelly.

My husband on the other hand would have loved a jaunt in the dunk tank. He was dressed up as “Rover the dog” all day. He boiled.

Whew. He has never looked better.


Honor Our Heroes 2007 Rock Church Video (takes a few min to download, but totally work the wait!)



  1. You are right, it was worth the wait. The pictures were great. Looks like a everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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