Posted by: Amanda | July 5, 2007

Getting ready to go

T minus 20 hours until we pull out of the driveway in our little green car headed for NNY.

Andy is tending to the car this very moment. He just left to get an oil change and replenish the Freon (something to do with air conditioning).

Molly is doing her part by laying on the air mattress we are trying to deflate, so we can use it again in NY. She’s such a trooper.

I have a load of dishes going, a load (1 of many) of laundry going, and I’m folding clothes while typing. A lot still needs to be done before we leave!

…..and we got new cell phones (Andy’s is blue) yesterday. Hurray! If you didn’t get the e-mail with our new numbers on it. E-mail me and I will send it to you.



  1. Have a great time… will get the scrapbook finished, you know you will.
    That Molly, she is a real trooper!
    I love it!

  2. Love the new phones!

    Have fun at your mom’s!

    Will you teach me how to scrapbook? Aaron’s mom just got me an engraved book for Elliot so I think I need to get on the ball and start putting together pictures. (Because I’ll kick myself if he is eighteen and all I have is a digital album at!)

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