Posted by: Amanda | July 17, 2007

Fun….is exhausting

We took the youth group to Funtown/Splashtown this weekend. I’ve never been fond of rides in general, but I am especially not fond of off-the-ground type rides (ie. anything that is not the tea cups). I’m proud of myself though. I went WAY outside my comfort zone for the kids and rode this new attraction (the orange one – The Mammoth, gasp). After much coaxing I also went on the log floom. Oh. My. Gosh. I was only slightly hysterical on the way up, and the tears dried before we reached the end. Andy was positive I was going to jump out of the boat. Which believe me, I thought about during the 2 hours (roughly) we were ascending to the top – I think it shows incredible restaint that I stayed aboard.

No amount of sweet talking could get me to ride this however (I was dry heaving just watching Andy):

If you listen closely you can hear heavy sighing…that would be me.

More pictures here, video here.



  1. WE have a ride like that at our Six Flags. I went on it one time, it was fun, but I think once was enough. It is very peaceful at the top, and very quiet. One girl after me peed her pants. I would have died of embarrassment.

  2. I’ve been that girl. 😉

  3. Oh Kelly! 🙂

  4. You guys take the best pictures! And the skinny blonde boy (not Taavet, the other one) reminds me of the Prince from The Prince and Me.

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