Posted by: Amanda | July 23, 2007


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What a summer! I don’t how its possible that July is almost finished. Where does the time go?Andy and I had a packed weekend.

Friday we had youth group. We only had three kids show up so we made the snap decision to take them all mini-golfing. It was so much fun. We have great teens here at church.

Saturday, Andy went on the Men’s Canoe Trip with church and I slept in. We both had a great time.
We also tried out the new 50’s diner in town. Not.Good. If you’ve ever seen my hips you would know that I love comfort food, so I ordered the Mac n’ cheese. Which for $5.99 I thought surely would be homemade. Not the case. I can make the blue box at home, thank you.
Sunday after church we had a lovely picnic at Portland Headlight and then took Molly to her favorite place on earth (besides grandma’s) the dog park. We took a leisurely walk through the forest and Molly had fun splashing around in the pond.
Sunday evening we spent at our friend’s the Odom’s. They had a cookout with friends from church (bonus: no cooking dinner!). We had grilled hot dogs, s’mores, and fascinated ourselves with the chickens. Oh what fun!

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