Posted by: Amanda | July 27, 2007

Five more minutes

Andy: “five more minutes”

Me: OK, five more minutes

a hour and half later……..

Me: Ugh. Andy. It’s 8:40am

Andy: “five more…WHAT!?!

The next ten minutes is a blur. Andy runs to the shower, and I go downstairs to tend to Molly and nearly step in a puddle (can you blame her? who can wait 12 hours?). The mess is cleaned, lunch is made and breakfast is on the table. Andy exits with breakfast, leaving lunch and keys on the table. 40 seconds later Andy returns to grab keys…completely forgetting lunch.

Molly and I stare at each other until she cannot take it anymore and falls asleep in a heap in the middle of the kitchen. I start to unload the dishwasher, when the phone rings. Boss. Crap, have to take this call. All attention is focused on phone call – until I hear crash, shatter, woof. Molly was IN the dishwasher trying to lick any morsel of food off the plates when the dishwasher detaches from the wall and tilts forward (thank you little cord that hung on tight). I drop the phone and run over to put the dishwasher in an upright position and get Molly away from all of the glass. Goodbye Target bubble glasses.

I finish up with my call, and then Molly and I retreat to the couch. Clearly everything The Wheelers touch today will end in disaster. Our safe place is the couch. We will stay here and avoid tragedy. It’s too stinkin‘ hot to anything else anyway.


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