Posted by: Amanda | August 15, 2007

Sunburn and Spiders

I got a really bad sunburn last week while my parents were visiting. We spent Wednesday at the beach and I slathered on the 45 SPF. I didn’t not however wear a t-shirt in the water (give me a break – I was surrounded by Canadians – and we all know what they wear or don’t wear to the beach). I was rewarded with the worst sunburn of my life. For days sleeping was extremely uncomfortable, and showering was painful. Not to mention how annoying clothes had become. Anything rubbing against my shoulders or back was horrible.

We are now in the peel stage, despite the slather, slather, slather of lotion I’ve been putting on. There is nothing grosser than peeling skin, barf. Or so I thought…….

I was reading in bed tonight and our of the corner of my eye I saw him. Big. Black. Furry. Spider. Our eyes met. I tried to play it cool, but ended up screaming which was the spiders que to bolt less he should meet his fate of kleenex followed by flushing (I can’t just throw them away – I have to see them leave). He went under the nightstand. Andy ripped himself away from the Red Sox game and came up from downstairs and helped me move everything, then he went in for the kill. Success. I did remove all covers on our bed just in case. There could be cousins.

…oh and the Red Sox won. Yippie. To me winning = long season. Boo.



  1. Spiders are NASTY! pretty much my biggest phobia. . . insiders tip. . . Swiffers (the original ones) make great tools to kill spiders on ceilings and elsewhere. . . Long handles keep me nice and far away, especially if my boyfriend is nowhere to be found to take care of it for me. . .

    OUCH on the sunburn, ended up with a bad onemyself this year so I can sympathize 😦

  2. I hope your sunburn gets better.

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