Posted by: Amanda | August 20, 2007

Oh How The Years Go By….

Andy and I spent the day down in Acton, ME (read: in the middle of the woods). We had a family get together with his Mom’s side of the family. They are scattered all over the country so it was a rare meeting. We had typical Maine cuisine: lobster, corn, potatoes and blueberry pie. Andy’s uncle from Florida also brought up boxes and boxes of old pictures from Andy’s Grandma & Grandpa who have past. He didn’t want to store them anymore as he is downsizing for retirement, and no one else wanted them (this blows my mind) so we ended up taking all 10 boxes home. We’ve spent the last few hours digging through years of history. Here are a few of my favorites. I’m scanning the good ones in to make photo Cd’s for Christmas.

Andy’s Great Grandmother Ethel with her children at the SAME beach we go to

Andy’s Grandma Midge and her best friend in Grammar School

This one might not be as old, but still super cute!

Andy and his brother Stephen 1983.

More Here.



  1. Don’t you just love all the old pictures? We recently inherited some from Wm. mother.
    I too was amazed that no one else wanted these pictures.

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