Posted by: Amanda | September 10, 2007


:: I’ve been kept very bust these past few weeks with work and ministry stuff. It’s impossible to find time to update a blog!

:: My birthday was good. Andy took me to the Macaroni grill, my favorite. We also took a long one of the youths from church. She was the only one who showed up for youth group on Friday (HS football game, we can’t compete). Andy also made me a cake! Not just any cake either. He added pudding to the batter and it came out thick and fudgy and delicious! He’s so cool.

Andy and I at Macaroni Grill

Mushroom Raviolli


Andy and the cake he made all by himself!

:: Saturday we ran around all day and did errands. I also spent the better part of morning making THIS with this while Andy played video games.

:: Sunday was the Ministry Fair at church. I spent all week last week organizing it! Lot’s and lot’s of work, but totally worth it. Our friends Aric and Lorissa came over after church to eat pizza and watch the kick-off game for the Patriots. Rah-rah go Pats. Lorissa and I quickly retired upstairs to watch HGTV.

:: Tonight was also the first night of Every Young Woman’s Battle. It went really, really well. I was nervous because we are talking about rather sensitive subjects with teenage girls…but overall it went great. Lorissa (who is co-teaching) made a heart shaped cake and have a real visual illustration about how we can give pieces of our heart away by kissing, or having sex before marriage…and then be left with half-a-heart, or worse 1/3. 🙂 The kids were dead silent, which was in stark contrast to the rest of the class, so I think it really hit home. I hope so!

:: Ok, off to bed. Well first laundry…then bed.


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