Posted by: Amanda | September 21, 2007


I took Molly to the vet this morning for some routine blood work. They test all dogs once a year for heart worm and Molly’s time had come. (Why do they test for heart worm, when once a month we give her Heartguard – a preventative chewie…I don’t know – more $$$ perhaps?)

Usually Molly loves going to the vet and this morning was no exception. After breakfast this morning I put on her pink polka-dot bandanna, which to her means “Whoa…I’m Going Somewhere…Where Will It Be!!!!!?) She was thrilled when I pulled into Animal Medical Associates. She sniffed the perimeter and then gave me the nod it was time to go inside. She played with a Schnauzer in the waiting room and ran to me when a big male Mastiff came trotting through the door. Everything was going great until they called her name. She ran to the vet and then quickly put her breaks on. “Ugh. Yeah I remember you. You poked me in my bottom with a sharp thing last year. Yeah. I’m good.” I could not control her she was shaking so bad and howling, like only Bassets can do. It was SO embarrassing. Two vet techs had to carry all 58.2 lbs of her into the room. She was shaking so badly, and drooling profusely. When I got near her she would try to leap off the table so I could carry her. It was heartbreaking.

I finally got her calmed down through a series of treats (one-after-another) and rubbing her back. After 15 minutes of this the Doctor was able to draw blood from her little arm. Everyone in the building knew when that happened because she howled like a banche when the needle was inserted. Again, so embarrassed.

I felt so guilty I bought her a new stuffed seahorse squeaky toy and an “everlasting” treat.

“Everlasting” apparently means 10 minutes.

Exhausted from her ordeal, Molly is sleeping in her bed with her seahorse.



  1. Awww poor Mollie. My dog, Charlie, doesn’t like the vet either. He gets so nervous because he, like Molly, worries about what they’re going to stick where.

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