Posted by: Amanda | October 7, 2007

I Love Lists.

Taken from the book: No one cares what you had for lunch (consequently I had a hotdog – they were raising money for breast cancer awareness month outside of Hannaford – $2 for a hotdog w/onions, chips and bottled water. Can’t beat it!)

From page #42 Make Your Timeline

Age under 1: I’m living in Ohio with no siblings. So far, life is good.

Age 2: Mom and I are living with my Grandparents in upstate, NY as my father is in active duty in the Airforce. I wait by the window every afternoon for “Popcorn” (read: Grandpa) to come home. He got the name “Popcorn” because he would make some for just us every day after work. Sometimes…I still call him that.

Age 3: My long, luscious, almost to my bottom, dirty blond hair has been chopped off and I now look like Dorothy Hamill. I believe this was also the first time I said “I hate you Mommy”.

Age 4: I start going to preschool at the Catholic church in town. I refuse to call the priest “Father” and get a note home. “You’re not my Daddy!”

Age 5: On the first day of Kindergarten I make friends with Jennifer Hoch. She had on corduroy pants like me and was also sporting the bowl cut. We were fast friends. Later in the year we find out we both have the same sweater monogrammed with an “A” or “J” respectively. BFF!

Age 8: I get an eraser thrown at my head in class. I apparently was talking away while the teacher had stopped and every was staring at me. He would get arrested if he did something like that today! I forgive you Mr. Jay.

Age 10: On top of the world. I have 25 girl scout patches. More than anyone in my group. I can sell cookies! Meanwhile – how good to Girl Scout cookies sound right now?

Age 15: A popular boy with a used car salesman name tells me during science class, “You would be really pretty if you wore make up.” I am sort of flattered by this comment. I haven’t stopped wearing foundation, mascara and lip gloss sense that day.

Age 23: I marry my best-friend surrounded by family, friends and Elk.

Age 28: I’m waiting…waiting for the next chapter.


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