Posted by: Amanda | October 25, 2007

Every have one of those kind of days?

I’m having one today. My head is poundy. My ears are screaming. My sinus’ are blocked. Today sucks. I thought I’d whine here and spare my husband. My poor husband. All of this discomfort is due to stupid wisdom teeth. I can’t get them removed for five more days. Apparently everyone in Maine is having their wisdom teeth out at the same time. The nurse at the Surgery Center was not too helpful either. She suggested that I go on an all pill diet: 4 Motrin every 6 hours and 2 extra strength Tylenol in between. She also suggested I get lots of sleep. Sounds good, right? Sure, except that when I lay my head down my ears feel like they are trying to give birth to a steak knife. It’s going to be a long five days.




  1. Oh my you poor dear! Love the Molly picture BTW.

  2. You might have “One of Those Days” AFTER you get your teeth out too. I had all 4 of mine out 2 years ago (2 pulled, 2 cut out), in all it really wasn’t that bad. Though an ice-pack was by far my best friend! Best wishes!

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