Posted by: Amanda | November 16, 2007

Count Your Blessings #2: Family

(FYI: this blessing countdown is in no particular order)

I’m thankful for my big family! 5 sisters and 2 brothers (not to mention BIL’s, SIL’s, nieces, nephews and 33 first cousins).


Eldest child (my step brother). Living in South Carolina with wife Nicole and one-year old son Mason. Don’t get to see Jason much.


My sister (step) Becky is closest to me in age. We were BFF growing up. She and her husband have lived all over the US because of the ARMY. Most recently they were in Texas for four years before moving back to the North Country to be closer to my parents. Becky has two children Jaslyn (see below) and Lucas (see above).


Heather is next. She’s had a year of big changes. She graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a degree in teaching, got married in September and had little Alannah (right).


Jamie went a mission trip to Bolivia last year. She’s now waitressing at the restaurant in our little town (note “the” restaurant, not “a”restaurant”…we have but one).


Erin (seen here with frank) is in grad school for psychology. She wants to be a school guidance counselor. I’m rooting for her. Frank finally popped the questions this year so it’s full speed ahead to the wedding on August 16th of 2008. Andy and I are making the slide show for the wedding and because Erin was born with the same type A personality that I was she has already sent me all the pictures, labeled and alphabetized. I adore her.


Katie grew up a lot this year. She got married to Eduardo (Ed), actually Edward, but everyone calls him Eduardo or Ed or Eddie. Anyway… So Katie and Ed got married on April Fools Day and then they moved to Georgia where it is hot. Much hotter than Northern New York. They seem to like it down there. Although I know Katie misses home. We talk almost everyday. She always makes me laugh – we are so much alike.


Danny (here with Dad) is turning 14 this year. He is almost unregnozable to me. He is all teenage boy now. It’s weird. I wish we could see each other more.


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