Posted by: Amanda | November 20, 2007

First Snow

It’s snowing. I have a mix of excitement and despair. I really don’t like the inconvenience of it, but it is pretty coming down. I do suppose it’s time to put these away in exchange for something more sensible. Hmph.

In honor of the white stuff I’ve decided to torture the dog with a little photo opt.

I call this line “The Reluctant Reindeer”

“Ok, it’s on. Can I have my bone now?”

“Woman! Bone. Now”

“Ohh.. I can taste it”

“White flag. I surrender. Get it off of me.”



  1. OMG. I love the Molly pics. Everytime I see some, I miss Zoe so much more.
    I had my crocs on when we came home from NC to 4 in. of snow. YUCK. 🙂

  2. 4 inches, yuck! I’m whinning about flurries. Its suppose to be 50 degress tomorrow (fingers crossed).

  3. Molly is such a cutie! Isn’t it fun to dress our furbaby’s up? I just read your comment about your FIL moving to Ocala, I hope he likes it. Have a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

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