Posted by: Amanda | November 27, 2007

Where is my Winter Wonderland?

It’s 50 degrees out and I’m listening to Christmas music. We put our tree up on Saturday and it was warm and sunny. Where am I?

Plans are in motion for full blown Wheeler Christmas this year. Andy’s Mom, Step-mom, Dad and (maybe) Aunt & Uncle are coming for Christmas. Hurray! I’m already plotting and planning menus, extra stockings (surely I have time to whip up a few handmade ones, right?) and gift buying. I’m being purposeful to not lose focus oh why we celebrate though.

Sunday we spent the afternoon with the Odomites and enjoyed pizza from Flatbread. Yummy. We also carried on the tradition of making gingerbread houses (2x surely means “it’s a tradition”, right?). They blew us out of the water again this year on structural integrity, neatness and overall creativity. Oh well, maybe next year.

For more pics go here:

Christmas Decorating/
Gingerbread Houses


  1. I, for one, think Chalet Wheeler is quite lovely. Casa de Odom is disappearing. I’m going to see if I can get away with blaming it on lack of structural integrity. (It’s not my fault the gumdrops weren’t more secure!!) 🙂

  2. Your tree looks great. Chalet Wheeler is quite lovely.


    How did they know???

  4. So they must have brought it over.


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