Posted by: Amanda | December 3, 2007


Some weather reports say 5-10, others 12-24 inches. Either way we are both home today and it’s glorious. Better than missing a day of school because we’re together.

Omelets have been made and eaten. Andy went back to bad. I’m thankful for rest. He’s been working really hard lately. I’m lounging around picking at this and that. Reading blogs. Painting toes. Crafting.

Christmas music is on in the background. Channel 824. One good thing about having cable.

We plan to make Christmas cookies this afternoon. Together. I love spending time with him.

Snow. Molly is in heaven. She loves it. When we took her outside this morning she rolled in it, even before doing her business.

Today is a blessing.

Enjoy yours!



  1. That sounds lovely! We got a mere 1 inch or so here 😦

    Even so, Catherine and I are staying cozy inside for most of the day and listening to George Winston’s “December”

    I love peaceful days! Happy crafting to you!

  2. Boo. No snow day for Aaron. Just getting up earlier to take longer to get to work. Elliot and I are snuggly and warm though. 🙂

  3. Sounds wonderful. It is really snowing here now. Matt has a bad cold, started coughing much harder when I tried to put him down. So we are snuggling together in the recliner

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