Posted by: Amanda | December 8, 2007


It’s been a very great, but busy week!

Thursday night we had our Ladies Classic Christmas dinner for church. After weeks of planning, I have to stay it came out great! No major problems. We ate at Joseph’s by the Sea in Old Orchard Beach. Which is a gorgeous restaurant! My friend Sue and I got their early to set everything up and it was light enough out that we could still see the ocean which was about 25 feet from the window!

Ladies Classic Christmas

Tonight we made gingerbread “houses” and played Apples to Apples in youth group. We had some snow which made for sloppy travel, but the teens that were able to make it enjoyed themselves…and the icing 🙂

Youth Group – December 7

Tomorrow we have no commitments to tend to. Just laundry and regular choirs around the house. I’m looking forward to sleeping in. We even stopped at the store on the way home from youth group so we could get supplies to make french toast in the morning and my favorite seasonal creamer somehow made it’s way into the basket. Fancy that.



  1. We did nothing all day, too. how relaxing!

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