Posted by: Amanda | December 11, 2007

Order in the Court

So last Friday I was flipping through the channels while I was waiting for Andy to get home from work. He was running late, and we had youth group that night so I was killing time. There is nothing on daytime TV, At. All. But I landed on Judge Judy. I know, I know. Trust me there was nothing on.

To my surprise the defendant sounded familiar! I didn’t recognize the face but he sounded like he was from The North Country. The plaintiff rebutted with a “yuz guyz” and “Mayonnaise” (for example: Mayonnaise (man, they are) lying! That’s not how it happened! Yuz guyz (you guys)are lying!) and I was convinced these people were from NNY. Where else do people talk like this?

Sure enough after the commercial, the little info bar at the bottom said the guys name and then Lowville, NY. His wife who kept trying to raise her hand despite the harsh admonishing Judy Judy doled out was a girl I used to babysit. Crazy.



  1. You are six degrees away from Judge Judy! 🙂 How did the plumbing go?

  2. Okay, that is TOO strange! Anyone I know? P.S. Merry Christmas! -Angela

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