Posted by: Amanda | December 16, 2007

Bedside Baptist

Roll over, go back to bed…no church today.

It’s snowing!

…and it’s coming down with urgency. The wind is whipping against the house so hard you can hear it and feel it through the planks (log cabin). I’m perfectly happy to stay inside under the blankets with my husband and dog thank you. What could be better?

Molly was thrilled.

It’s snowing! Let’s go out and play!

I love this stuff!

I don’t want to go in!

Five more minutes!!!

Hurray!!! They said yes!

Whew…I’m crazy tired. I will now take a nap. Dont bother me. Unless you have biscuits.

Have a great SNOW day!

Stay warm!



  1. I’m with you!
    Love the Molly pics.

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