Posted by: Amanda | December 28, 2007

Christmas Rewind

It has been a very busy week! I’m happy to have a little rest and relaxation. Company went home yesterday, and I worked only a half-a-day today, so I’ve begun my three day stint where I can hibernate if I want to. Oh, I plan on it.

Christmas Eve was very very busy! Andy had the day off so we ran some last minute errands in the morning. Stopping in at the Cheese Iron (Rte. 1 – Scarborough) wasn’t on the list but we found ourselves there anyway. Cheese, cheese, more cheese and wine. What could be better? It was a little overwhelming…but we made some good selections. Andy bought his favorite Jarlsberg extra sharp cheddar (safe choice but delicious) and I picked out this FANCY (read: $45 thousand dollars per lb) goat cheese that was rolled in green rosemary and red peppercorns. Fancy and Festive.

We split a pizza at Pats and then Andy dropped me off at work while he went shopping for stocking stuffers (along with every other man on earth). Noon until the first Candlelight Service at 5 was a complete and udder blur of running, typing, huffing, smiling, petting goats, wiping mouths (not mine), taping, wrapping, tripping, paying, talking, eating chili (thanks Sue), giving directions and direction, changing, tugging on nylons, adjusting costumes, swaddling baby Jesus, singing, greeting, and fussing. Then repeat. You get the idea.

It was great to see plans come into motion. Children petting animals in the zoo. Mary and Joseph in the stable and families enjoying wagon rides on candlelight streets.

Andy’s Mom Linda met us at church and followed us home to spend the night. We opened up our stockings (Andy did GREAT this year! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and watched The Nativity Story.

Christmas Morning we got up early and opened gifts. Andy was thrilled with his thingy. I still don’t know what it does, but he is thrilled. We bought a new coffee maker for each other that makes single cups (we waste SO much coffee) and I got this cool new stuff and this, this and these (from various ppl – Thanks Mom! Frank & Erin, Linda! and Katie & Ed). We we so spoiled this year.

Gifts wrapped under the tree.

Andy trying to help his Mom figure out the digital picture frame

Barry & Cathie came down from Bangor by noon for Christmas dinner. Oye. I made Semi-boneless Rib Roast (which I still don’t know if that’s considered Roast Beef or Prime Rib…anyone know the difference?), mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, green beans with almonds and rolls. Linda made a fabulous apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream to go with it. Yum!

Centerpiece Barry & Cathie brought

Table set for Christmas Dinner

Andy and his Mom

Roast Beef/Prime Rib….or ___________________.

After dinner we relaxed. Some more than others.

Linda and Cathie with Moses and Millie


Ok. That’s enough for now. My bread machine just beeped šŸ˜‰




  1. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Are you OK now breaking with tradition šŸ™‚

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