Posted by: Amanda | January 3, 2008


I’m making good use of my scrapbooking room. I made two new cards tonight. Aren’t they cute? I’m finally getting around to sending thank yous out for Christmas gifts. I’m so bad at that.

While I was in the basement tonight, waiting for Andy to get off the computer so I could order THIS (at 40% off! with code BOOKSTORE) I took some new pictures of Molly. Oh the life she does lead. Napping from one room to another. Very tough life indeed.

Trying to get comfortable on concrete can be tricky.


“If you must take photos of me, at least have the decency to turn the flash off!”

“If I close my eyes will you go away?”




  1. Cards look great, love the Molly pix (no surprise there, eh?)
    Just wanted to say I got a book last year at Christmas of Matt’s 1st year and this year I got volume 2. I absolutely love them. Susan ordered mine from Shutterfly though.

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