Posted by: Amanda | January 13, 2008

As promised…

Pictures post extraction. Thrilled, aren’t you?

(Squishy, Puffy Cheeks)

I’m doing much better these days. Pain is mostly gone. It’s more annoying to eat than anything because things get stuck in the placed where teeth used to be (I miss you teeth). Very good for the New Years resolution though. It’s easy to lose when you only eat jello and mashed potatoes. Hmmm…maybe I could start a new diet fad and make millions.

Do you realize how many flavors of Jell-o there actually are? I do! Because not only have I been eating it for seven straight days, but I also have time to Google things like “Kinds of Jell-o“, “The History of Jell-o?”, “Jell-o Museum” and of course, “Jell-o recipes” because I get up in the middle of the night in pain. The places where my teeth used to be have tiny little heart beats that throb. All. Night. Long.

My beloved is off to London, England for work for 5 WHOLE DAYS. I’m all in a tither. I hate, hate, hate to be away from him. This is only the second time in our 5 years of marriage we’ve been away from each other. Molly and I will be sitting in the front window awaiting his return. She will be equally distraught after I return from the bus station tomorrow sans “Daddy”.

Tonight however he is here, and the Patriots are on. Yippee.

(Ignore the stuff on the floor. I’m trying to spend as much time with him as possible before he goes. I’m putting off cleaning until later. Yeah….that’s it 🙂



  1. Oh the pain! I hate hate hate dental work. And that you ahve to recover with no hubby to take care of you. Poor girl! Hang in there!

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