Posted by: Amanda | January 14, 2008

Totally awake

I can’t sleep. He’s gone. I dropped him off at the bus station at 3pm.

He’s in the air now. I look very forward to his call at 3am telling me he landed safely and to get some sleep.

Of course, there is nothing on TV.

30 minutes ago the phone rang. Which is rather unusual at midnight. Hot prickles ran up my spine, but it was only my sister Erin. I forgot I told her to call me when she got in tonight. She and Frank (her fiance) just landed in Syracuse. They were somewhere off the coast of CA this past week on a cruise. That sounds nice right now, especially with the Nor’easter on the way tomorrow. I’m so sick of snow.

My friend Danielle came over this evening to spend some time with me (distract). We had a great time. I made homemade turkey soup, bread from the bread machine and cheesecake! It reminded me of a meal my Mom would make when I was a kid. She loves turkey soup and we always had homemade bread never boughten. I appreciate that now.

So anyway, Danielle and I watched The Nanny Diaries tonight. It was great. The book was better, but the movie is still good. I think this was my third time watching it. I have to stay that it really is based on truth. The summer of ’99 i nannied in Greenwich, CT. 6 year olds with cell phones and large bank accounts, absent parents, the whole nine yards…all true.


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