Posted by: Amanda | January 22, 2008

Nothing is Free…..

I downloaded the free trial of MS Publisher 2007 at work yesterday. I wanted to try it out before I request to purchase the upgrade for our system at church. What a nightmare.

The main reason I downloaded the free trial is to see how the new version converts docs into PDF’s – though unfortunately you can’t even try it on the trial version. What a waste of time! Since it didn’t do what I was hoping I uninstalled the program to free up space on my hard drive. This is where the nightmare begins….

It uninstalls fine. However, now my e-mail, excel, word and publisher programs don’t work! When I uninstalled the trial it messed up every other office program I have. I tried to use the install disc to repair it, but it won’t even recognize it. I’m picking up Andy during his lunch break today to see if he can fix it. He can fix anything!!! Well, here’s hoping!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Computer drama aside… we have a really full week ahead.

Tomorrow I am ordering my MOH dress (but in blue) for Erin’s wedding!

That reminds me…nothing but rice cakes until August 🙂

I’ve also been working on scanning in photos for her wedding slideshow all week. She needs the hard copies back ASAP so she can scrapbook them. I forgot how long it takes to scan individual photos! Many I have to touch up in photoshop as well because they’re from the 80’s. It’s been hard to convince her that 600+ pics of her and her future husband just might be too many for people to watch without them getting the urge to bludgeon out their eyes with a salad fork. Hopefully she’ll come around soon.

Andy and I have been trying to come up with creative ideas for Friday’s Youth Group Lock-In. It’s so hard to plan when you don’t know how many teens are coming! Anyone have any good Lock-In ideas???

I dream of making things like this. Or this. Or this.

Next week we start a new study at church – Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage. They played a few video clips in church and it looks hilarious. The speaker highlights the many (many!!) differences between men and women and what happens when you put them together (marriage). It should be fun!



  1. Thanks for praying for Max.
    I was always concerned everytime I downloaded something on the church’s computer and something happened. Pastor Rick had to bail me out more than once.
    I love all the crafts you are dreaming about…..just do them girlfriend!
    Navy or lighter blue for the dress?
    600+ pics do seem a little like overkill!

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