Posted by: Amanda | January 30, 2008

Internet Savvy

My mom called the other night and asked if I could help her book a plane ticket to Georgia to visit my sister. She was having an “awful time”. Within seconds I pulled up

Mom: Wait, already?

Me: Yes, mom. The rest of the world has high speed internet.

Mom: Hmm, I didn’t know it would be that fast! (for the record the poor lady still uses dial up….FREE dial up at that).

Me: Ok Mom, give me your info and I’ll get your ticket all set. We can even pick out your seat!

Mom: Gives information. Then gives out desired seat preference. Changes mind. “I would like to sit three rows back on the right – near the window. No. The isle. “

Me: OK. That’s from here to here on Tuesday at 6am and your sitting three rows back on the right, isle. Sound good?

Mom: Oh thanks Mandy (no, it’s never ok to call me that unless you’re my Mother). Send it over.

Me: I’ll sent it right over.

Mom: It’s still not here.

Me: Be patient. I just sent it.

Mom: Where does it come out? Does it come out this thingy?

Me: Mom, the actual ticket doesn’t come out of your machine. I sent you a confirmation to your e-mail.

Mom: Oh. I don’t want to do it if I don’t get the ticket.

Me: Hangs up. (Not really, but I did want to beat my head on my desk).



  1. LOVE it!!!!

    I tell my parents all the time that I’m going to start charging them for tech support. I also tell them that people over 60 should have to have annual driving tests, but thats a whol other subject. 😉

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