Posted by: Amanda | February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Andy and I are headed to the very romantic Bugaboo Creek Steak House for dinner tonight. Some people like fine dining, but we’re happy with good steak and stuffed moose decorations. It’s been a little challenging to dine on a diet, but thankful I planned ahead and got the nutrition information for what I’m going to order tonight. Planning ahead is key. Otherwise, I may just go crazy.

It’s been snowy, icy and just horrible as far as weather goes. I’m really hoping that an early Easter (March 23rd) will usher in an early spring. Here’s to hoping.

Tuesday I went and saw 27 dresses with some girlfriends from church. It was such a cute movie. Well worth the $. It was nice to have a night out with the girls too. We had dinner at Panera and chatted for a while. My friend Danielle is getting married in August, so that was a huge topic of conversation. I love weddings.

Speaking of weddings…I’m looking for ideas for my sister Erin’s bridal shower in July. Anyone have any good ideas???


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