Posted by: Amanda | February 21, 2008


Andy’s been gone a lot lately. Colleagues from Israel are here this week and he has to wine and dine them. I’m ready to have him back. We’ve been going to bed after 11pm every night this week and it’s catching up with me. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in on Friday.

It has been kind of nice to have free time though. When I got home from work yesterday I worked out to my new DVD: Core Ball for Beginners and Beyond. I really love exercising with a fitness ball. It alleviates stress on my back and well, it’s really fun to roll around on! The DVD is for beginners and I found it a little rudimentary. Don’t get me wrong I was sweating and huffing and puffing, but I get really impatient with all the stretching. I hate stretching! I’m paying for it today though. I am so sore. It doesn’t feel like your doing much because the ball is so supportive, but it does! Muscles I didn’t even know about are aching.

It’s also been kind of fun cooking for one this week. Usually I cook two versions of the same (well, similar) meal. This week it’s whatever I want because Andy has had to go out every night. Last night I made a turkey meatball sub. I used my new stove top grill to toast the bun and the meatballs. It was so good and low points!



  1. Hey Amanda….friend of Kelly’s here. I’ve checked out your blog a few times but this time I had to comment. You have IN-SPIRED me, girl! You seem very commited to your enw “lifestyle” and I’ve read through a few of your psots now. Meat muffins actually Do sound appetizing to me. I’ve done WW before, with great success, only I didn’t learn long term lessons so my weight crept back up. You’ve really helped me to see there is a CHOICE in this and I can make changes! I am uncomfrotable in my clothes, can hardly stand looking in the mirror, am short of breath, yadayada, but who’s to blame? Me. So I will keep checking in with Amanda and keep the inspiration going.

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