Posted by: Amanda | February 24, 2008


I had a seminar at church all day today on Assimilation (getting new visitors to stay and become members). Andy opted to stay home. I’m missed him but I’m glad he got a chance to relax. He’s been coming and going nonstop all week.

In the afternoon I made more lentil chili for the week. It helps me to stay on track when I have go-to meals frozen and ready to pop in the microwave.

Andy of course didn’t find lentil chili too appetizing so he suggested we go out for dinner. He took me to this place in Portland called Bar Lola. It’s a quaint tapas restaurant on the very tip top of Munjoy Hill. I must admit it was a little fancier than I was used to it. The lighting was very low and the space was tight. We sat in the very middle of the room. Not a place I would ever choose, but we made do. I’ve never been too hot on wine by Andy loves it so I humored him and tried an Austrian import: Huber Zweigelt. It was a very mild, fruity red. I loved it!

The meal was designed to be given in five courses (we opted for four). We started with a small appetizer, salad, main dish and then dessert.

This is what I choose:

Warm Olives with Fresh Herbs
Delish! Although I wouldn’t normal eat 10 olives in one sitting

Citrus Braised Fennel with Nicoise Olives
I really didn’t care for this. It was my first, and probably last time trying fennel

Brined Pork Loin with Heirloom White beans and Escarole
Wow was this good. It was a small 3oz perfect size portion

Lemon Ice-Box Cake

This was divine. Thank you flex pts

We ended our perfect evening with a movie at home – Martian Child with John Cusack. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Totally PG – very clean, very funny and heartwarming. Go rent it now!

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