Posted by: Amanda | March 9, 2008

Hello California

Andy’s off again for work. This time to sunny California. What a punk. We’re suppose to get more snow this week. More snow, more snow, more snow………ENOUGH!

For some reason I sprang out of bed this morning, even considering the time change. It could have been because I’ve slept all of Friday and most of yesterday trying to get over this annoying cold. I made french toast for breakfast, and even used the fancy china! Oh how fun that is. I need to do that more often. Even if it means I have to hand wash, gasp.

Breakfast using fancy china

Andy and Molly


We watched “Rachael Ray Feeds your Pets” last night on Food Network.
Molly benefited greatly this morning.

Very sad to see him go.



  1. OOh, that looks great. We always gave our bassets people food. It cut down on the counter surfing!

  2. why and when and where is andy coming to California? Northern? Southern? It’s a toasty 61 here on the left coast.

  3. We tried diet coke chicken tonight – yumm-o! How are you enjoying your chick food? Are you feeling any better?

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