Posted by: Amanda | April 2, 2008


Anyone else?



  1. What does PCOS mean? Please Call Our Secretary? People Can Operate Stupidly?

  2. Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome

  3. Holy smoke! Not you, I hope!!!

  4. So can you do anything about it? Will your weight loss help? Hmm . . praying for you! Angela H.

  5. OH Amanda~
    Welcome to the club! I was diagnosed with it when I was a lass of 16. It wasn’t until about four years ago that I finally found a doctor who is really treating the disease, not just the symptoms. (and lo and behold, for the first time ever, I was able to conceive without any help!) It isn’t easy, it isn’t fun always, but having a diagnosis actually can make some people feel better. Message me, if you want, over at my Xanga and we can chat. I would like to know what treatment you are receiving and I can offer a lot of wisdom since I have been there/dont that with most of the meds/treatments.

  6. *tear* I miss your newsy updates. Oh, and we watched Love Comes Softly last night. It was so corny…and I LOVED it!

  7. My sister has tried to have a child for close to 3 years now and was unable to. After doctors, tests, etc. She found out a few months ago she has PCOS. Me and her both (and my other sister) are getting healthy together and all of us are losing weight and exercising.

    I’m eating certain foods and using the Glycemic Index and I get better results and my sister with PCOS is going to get the book because they have one specifically for those with PCOS.

    Not sure if you are interested but here is the one for PCOS:


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