Posted by: Amanda | April 19, 2008

What’s been going on?

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Life has been busy these past few weeks.

As I wrote previously, I got diagnosed with PCOS a few weeks ago. It’s annoying, but I’m dealing with it. I happy that it was caught early and that I have a plan of action. I love plans.

What else have I been doing? Hmm… Cooking definitely!

Andy and I took the Youth group to see Skillet last night. Oh my word was it LOUD! Oye. 1500 teens were packed into the new sanctuary at New Life. It was hot, dark and stinky. The important thing is that the teens loved it, even the few unchurched kids we took. That makes it worth it. A few pics:

Waiting in a line of 1500, we were about 1488 back.

Still waiting

Finally inside

Andy and I took the opportunity to sleep in today. We were SO tired last night. Not only did the concert last way past 11, but we had to take everyone home yesterday. Needless to say we did a whole lot of nothin’ today. I puttered around…cleaned the fridge, scrapbooked, laundry, painted my toes, etc. Andy, well, he was actually a bit more productive than me. He changed the air filter and got some transmission fluid for the car. He also put up our bee hotel’s for the summer. It’s been warm the last few days and I’ve already spotted a few yellow jackets. Remember, my bee phobia from last year.

We’ve seen a few movies lately:

Dan in Real Life No Reservations Martian Child Juno

and tonight: Becoming Jane Andy’s pyched.



  1. […] Saturday Supper Posted on April 19, 2008 by Amanda @ Down Home Dieting It’s a lazy Saturday ’round these parts. My husband and I took twenty screaming teenagers to a concert last night for youth group (Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet!). It was great. Hot, but great. Loud and scream-y, but great. It was “neat” to hear Skillet again. Skillet was my very first CD purchase way back in 1996. Funny they are still so popular today.  (I posted a few pictures here) […]

  2. How was Becoming Jane? Did you like it?

  3. We both feel asleep actually 🙂

    We’re going to try again on Wednesday.

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