Posted by: Amanda | April 21, 2008


I picked up a new teen for church today.  Her grandma, who lives in another state called me a few weeks ago to see if I would intervene on her behalf and take her granddaughter to church.  Of course, I was more than willing.  Come to find out she is the same grade and goes to the same school as another one of my teens in youth group.  What are the odds.  She loved the church.  It was fun to see how excited she got to worship, and how intently she was listening to the sermon.  Amazing!

After church we went out to eat with friends at The Lobster Shack.  I had successfully avoided that place for the almost three years we lived here.  For one I’m deathly allergic to seafood and I really am not a big fan of fried food (go figure).  It wasn’t bad though.  The views were gorgeous.  The restaurant is right on the ocean and was very charming inside.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a few vinegar fries…safe, but good.

After lunch we went home and changed, picked up Molly and went to Portland Headlight for the afternoon.  We tested out our new camera (anniversary gift to each other) and just hung out by the ocean and snapped several photos.  A few keepers:

Ugh, uphill.

Molly lounging after a long .5mile hike

Can’t beat the view!



  1. Pictures are gorgeous. Poor Molly….we had one basset that would just lay down spread eagle when she got tired of walking! I for one LOVE sea food and that place looks fantastic. Wm not only does not care for sea food, he is finding it difficult to eat out anymore because of gluten intolerance and it is in everything.

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