Posted by: Amanda | April 24, 2008

New. Hair. Cut.

My friend Jessica talked me into getting a haircut on Monday.
The conversation went something like this:

A: I love the layers in your hair, did you get it cut?

J: “Yep, in TN” (she’s from TN…you should try her cornbread).

A: I’m thinking of getting my hair cut.

J: “Yes you should! I think you should get layers too. And, bangs! And maybe 6″ off? What do you think? Yes, I can see it now. I’ll make you an appointment”.

A: Um, ok.

5 hours later

J: “Appointment made. Monday at 4pm. I’ll pick you up”.

Skip to present day:

7″ inches shorter and side bangs. I protested the side bangs, but was defeated. I like the way they look, but boy are they annoying! Because I got SO MUCH cut off I was able to donate it to Lock’s of Love, which was cool.

The Front.

The back.

At this point I’d had enough of the photo shoot. Andy has been driving me crazy since we got our new camera. Gah. Go take pictures of the dog or something.



  1. You look FANTASTIC! Jessica was right – the layers suit you!

  2. I love it, you look great! I was debating getting mine cut (I am not a real short hair fan but Wm. loves short hair) I will definitely be doing it very soon.

  3. I like your new haircut Amanda. You will love wordpress, I have really liked wordpress since I moved my blog there.

  4. I commented on your hair before but I have no idea where my comment went once I hit submit. Your hair looks fantastic!

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