Posted by: Amanda | May 3, 2008

Life Group

A typical night at homegroup

Andy and I are lucky enough to be involved in a “life group”.  We meet every other thursday for dinner (that I don’t have to cook), lots of fellowship and a short lesson.  I LOVE it.  It’s so nice to be part of a family when my family is so far away.  Our faithful eleven have been meeting for over a year now so we know each other pretty well.  Let me introduce everyone…  Here are the punks of the group:


She has energy like nothing I’ve seen before.  She loves to draw, run-a-muck, and giggle.  I like twisting her curls and baking with her.


Sam is a gorgeous teen.  I see her a few times a week because she also attends youth group.  Her hair is black for the moment…it’s always changing.  She is a typical teen in every way.


Danielle is a sweetie.  She is quiet and reserved.  Always asking if she can help in some way.

Alexis (or “Squishy puffy cheeks)

Lexi is a lot of fun.  She is the youngest kid her family (Sam & Danielle).  I like to squish her cheeks.  She hates it (secretly I know she loves it).

I don’t have pictures of them but our Life group is also made up of adults.  They are a great people we can rely on for anything!

Danielle is Lillie’s mom.  She just joined our church last July.  Since then we’ve become very good friends.  I talk to her at least 2 times a day.  She is expecting another baby in October.  Lillie wants a sister.  We’ll see.

Brett & Laura are parents of Sam, Danielle and Alexis.  Brett is in the reserves and Laura is an RN.  They are very busy people, but a lot of fun.

Seth & Sue are our hosts.  They make Life Group their ministry.  God bless them!  They cook dinner for us, plan the bible study and make sure things run smoothly.  We love them!

“A friend loves at all times.”  Proverbs 17:17



  1. Aren’t small groups amazing? Here, we have House Fellowhsips that meet twice a month on Sunday evenings. I’m so grateful for them! Especially with moving into a church you didn’t grow up at, groups like that are vital in REALLY getting to know people!

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