Posted by: Amanda | May 9, 2008

Chuck ‘E’ Cheese

Our friend Danielle is expected and has severe morning sickness (I forget the medical term for it) so I offered to take her 5 year old for the afternoon. We puttered around, doing errands – we went to the grocery store – Lilli picked one of those miniature “kid carts” to wheel around which was cute until mid-way through she was tired of pushing it and I had to hunch over and drag it up and down the isles…so fun.

Then we stopped in at church so Pastor Aric could throw her in the air.

Then we ate a cookie.

Then we picked up Andy from work. He was hot and tired so we went home for a little while, let the dog out and then went to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese. I’ve never been there, at least not that I remember. My mother claims she took us there when I was ten but I have no recollection of it. Maybe I blocked it out (with good reason).

Lilli loved it and honestly we did too.  It was fun to be a kid for a little while.

Chuck ‘E’ Cheese


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