Posted by: Amanda | May 23, 2008

Gone Fishin’

We’ve been hanging out with our friends from church Van & Jessica.  They moved here from Tennessee last fall.  In short, we adore them.  They pretty much like to do everything Andy and I like to do…which is really rare.  Like, REALLY rare. 

Last weekend, Andy and Van went fishing on Old Orchard Beach while Jessica and I looked on from our warm, dry beach chairs.  What fun!

I still can’t believe Andy went IN the water.  It’s only about 50 degrees still.

Andy and Van

Jessica and Van… Aren’t they a cute couple?

*Trying* to stay warm without much success.  The tide was coming IN and I was getting wet.

Jessica and I didn’t last very long at the beach.  It was really cold and windy.  We took pictures (she likes to take pictures as much as I do) and then we headed for home to get dinner ready.  The boys took forever at the beach but came home empty handed.  It’s usually like that isn’t it.  

Dinner was great!  We made hambugers, Bratwurst (Van got me to try one of these BEFORE I looked at the nutritional information – oh my word), pasta salad and baked beans. 


BBQ Masters



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