Posted by: Amanda | June 22, 2008


A few months ago when Andy picked up a new hobby with a friend I was happy for him.  Little did I know he would become so enamored with it.  I mean, it’s golf.  How can one be enamored with it?   Apparently you can.  Trust me I’ve spent more time at Dick’s Sporting Goods these past few weeks than I care to talk about.  A recent purchase (with burn-a-whole-in-his-pocket birthday money) is a golf net for the backyard.  So if your buddy is too busy to go to the driving range, you can just go outside and hit a bucket.  We spent tonight testing it out.  I cannot tell you how exciting that was.

Andy getting ready to swing.  You can see Molly in the background.  She’s about as interested in golf as I am.   Instead she spent her time outdoors sniffing the yard for impostors.  Specifically squirrels her arch enemies.  These fury little creatures I imagine,  are the cause of her violent shaky half-awake nightmares she has during one her naps throughout the day.  Pesky things.

She’s very cautious of things that are taller than her.  Which, a lot of things.

“The Wind-up”.  God bless him for actually being able to hit that darn thing.  I played along and tried to hit it a few times tonight, but I think I pulled a muscle swinging at the air.  Stupid golf.

Note:  The plaid shorts were purchased during Andy’s pre-“I wanna be Tiger Woods” days.  Merely coincidence.  Prophetic?  Maybe.



  1. I remember when my dad took up playing golf fifteen years ago. He still plays when he gets the chance, but he will never strike me as the type to be a “golfer” no matter how good he is! Even my brother plays it. Funny game. I just like going to the driving range myself.

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