Posted by: Amanda | July 30, 2008


My sister’s wedding is in two weeks, I’m the Matron-of-Honor, and… I have a farmers tan.

On one arm. 

I like to hang it out the window when I drive.

Left arm brown.  Rest of self very, very white.

Strapless dress.


Can you see the evidence?  It’s as plain as day.

The good news:  my dress is WAY to big.  Usually that’s not good news because you have to get it tailored, but I’ve been working hard, and luckily my Mom is a master seamstress.  She had to take it in over 6 inches in the waist and bust.  That alone is almost worth the $45,000 dollars I had to fork over for it.



  1. $45,000 for a bridesmaids dress?! lol I know I’m reading that wrong but that was my first thought. I’m assuming the $ was for the weight loss. Great job!

    I had some serious farmer’s tan for my wedding. Unfortunately I can’t say that I totally got rid of it, as I didn’t even notice until less than a week before my wedding. Self-tanner, maybe? Some time at a tanning booth with a tan booster put only on the extra-white spots?

  2. 6 inches?! You have been working hard – congratulations!!! Only $45,000 dollars? It looks like a million bucks. 😉 (At least it’s not hot pink…)

  3. Your too funny with your farmers tan! Congratulations on having to take in the dress.. your seeing your hard work pay off! keep it up!!!!!

  4. Sunless tanning lotion works great in a pinch. =) Great job on the weight loss. You’ve put in a LOT of hard work, and have been an inspiration in the process!

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