Posted by: Amanda | August 13, 2008

I love New York…

…in the summer! (anyone remember that commercial when George Pataki says that?) Andy and I joke about it almost every single time we cross the border from MA to NY.

We leave in a little while for New York. The day has finally come for Erin & Frank’s wedding. I can’t believe it. She’s been planning this wedding for over a year and a half. It’s an outdoor wedding and with all the rain of late everyone is nervous. I think it will be OK. I hope.

My sister Kate and her husband Ed will also be home this weekend. I haven’t seen them in an entire year. Since they moved to Georgia. I plan on running at her like a charging bull.

I’m looking forward to the late night talks sisters have, the smell of The North Country (not that smell), and seeing extended family I haven’t seen in ages.

Andy and I will be sleeping in a borrowed brand new Winnebago. It sounds a little sketchy, but I think we got the best deal. It has a king size bed, air conditioning and coveted privacy. I’m psyched.

The slideshow if finished. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. 9 months of work, finally over. I’d post it here, but it’s 45 minutes long. Crazy, I know. Erin has a picture of every single person at her reception on the slideshow. Even the janitor. Kidding. Maybe.

We went to Kohls last night to pick out a new shirt and tie for Andy. He’s not in the wedding, but I want him to match the wedding party for pictures. He didn’t really see the need, but went along with it due to my fragile emotional state as of late. Wise man. He was extremely fussy though at the store. He didn’t like anything they had.  After 45 minutes of rolling eyes and huffing we finally settled on a plain blue shirt and striped necktie (the one I had picked out first, but who’s counting).

We stayed up late last night again.  Women’s gymnastics, my favorite.  Then won silver because of a few falls from the same girl.  I felt really, really bad for her.  I can’t imagine that kind of pressure.  We also watched Michael Phelps and his teammates win another gold in the 800 relay.  I can’t believe how fast they go!  Andy joked that we would still be on our first 50 when they finished.  Probably true.  I remember when I took my lifeguarding test we had to swim 800 meters (8 lengths of the pool) and I thought I would surely die.  I definitely took me longer than 7 minutes.

I’m at work today although my mind is elsewhere.  I’m thinking about what to pack, laundry that needs to be done, a gift that needs to be bought, ironing….etc.  I’m might skip out a little early today.  Probably after lunch.  The town has shut off the water supply to the street our church is on so it makes going to the bathroom difficult.  Gross.



  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy all your hard work. 🙂

  2. Have fun in NY! I recently heard a quote that “there are two seasons in the Adirondack’s- winter, and the fourth of July”!!!!! And you and I both know that it quite true. For the record, I’ve loved watching the Olympics, too. Jeff and I were both up until 1 AM watching the ladies all-around gymnastics where the US won gold. Some spectacular times, these games!

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