Posted by: Amanda | September 7, 2008

The Houseguest

Max came to stay with us for a few days this weekend so his parents could go on vacation.   He’s a nice dog.  Very gentle and docile.  We see him every Thursday at Homegroup (his parents lead it). 

I picked him up on Friday and brought him home thinking Molly would love having a friend to play with.  She thought the opposite however.  She was terrified of him.  She didn’t move far from our laps the entire weekend.   The first few hours he was here she shook uncontrollably.  Poor girl needs to get out more.

This is as close as they were the entire weekend:

The weekend wasn’t a total loss though.  We got to swimming and kayaking with our friends again.  I want to move to Windham so I can go everyday!

(me trying not to think about the other things swimming with me-ick)

Andy before he accidently flipped the kayak and ended up in the river – along with our camera…grrh.



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