Posted by: Amanda | September 17, 2008

Summer or Fall?

The weather this week has been really weird.  It can’t decide if it’s summer or fall.  It was almost 90 degrees on Monday, and today, barely 65.  I feel a nasty fall cold coming on.

In response to the 90 degree heat, Andy and I decided to meet our friends at “the bridge” to go swimming.  I flew home from work, picking up Andy on my way.   I packed up our beach bag, changed into my swimsuit, and loaded everything up including the dog into our little green car. 10 minutes later we were stuck in rush hour traffic.  20 minutes later we made it three more miles.  Suddenly this spur of the moment idea didn’t sound so good.  An hour later we made it to “the bridge” (this usually takes 20 minutes).  The sun was setting and it was freezing by this point.  The only one that got wet was the dog.  Ah, at least she had fun.  

My Mom and grandparents are coming this weekend.  I can’t wait!!!  We have days full of sight seeing, fishing, lighthouses, fabric stores, dominos, lobster dinners (not me!) and just chatting planned.  I love spending time with my Mom.  It’s so hard to live 600 miles away.

We (read: I) are planning a big Operation Christmas Child event at church.  I’m pretty jazzed about it.  I love Christmas and I love this ministry.  At Sam’s Club they have already put out the Christmas stuff, so today I bought a huge roll of wrapping paper.  For some reason the good stuff is usually gone by November, so I was sure to get it early.  Now, I have to get boxes donated and start getting volunteers together to wrap boxes.  Our goal this year is 500 boxes!  I’m trying really hard to not get overwhelmed.  So far so good!

I have a headache. Ouch.


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