Posted by: Amanda | October 1, 2008

Quilting n’ stuff

If you walked upstairs in the home I grew up in you would find two large bedrooms on either side of the stairs and a large hallway connecting the two.  The hallway doubled as my Mom’s sewing “room”.  She had buckets of fabric and supplies piled high.  I didn’t appreciate it then, but she made a lot of our clothes.  It wasn’t out of necessity, although she did claim it was cheaper, she did it because that’s what her mother did.   It was in her.

I never had the “sewing bug” growing up.  Probably because I was the one sporting long prairegirl dresses with large white attached decorative bibs sewn around the neck.  As seen in this picture (the cabbage patch doll is sort of in the way – use your imagination):

I especially didn’t like my Mom’s Applique phase.  Oye.  But, as years go by things change.  When my Mom and Grandmother were up visiting last weekend they introduced me (forced me) to quilting.  They have the patience of saints because I’m not exactly proficient on a sewing machine (I use mine to make stitching on pages of my scrapbook).  Because of this they taught my to do it old school, by hand.  It took three days, but this is my first project.  It’s called the “Ohio Star” and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

A few days after they left I went out and bought a sewing machine just for fabric.  It’s was inexpensive and simple – good for a beginner.  The same day I made another block and cut out enough fabric for two more.  I plan to sew them together to make a table runner.  Maybe I’ll send it my Mom.

I want to make this next!

And this!

And this!

I’m contemplating taking a quilting class this fall.  Or maybe a sewing class.  It might be better to get proficient on my sewing machine before trying to do complex patterns.  Z Fabricsin Portland is offering a sewing class starting Wednesday, November 12th.  It’s only five weeks, but I think it might help immensely.  If nothing else, I want to stop by and check out there fabric.  I love what they have on their website!

In other news, I brought a crockpot to work today.  I’m making a roast with potatoes, carrots and onions.  We’ve been eating like POOP these last few days.  We’ve been gone every single night for five days.  I’m tired.  

Last night we helped friends from church move.  I didn’t really do much because they had lots of big strong men there.  I was more in the way as they lived on the second floor and only had one set of (very steep) steps.   I did bring dinner and homemade brownies for the event!  That counts right?  I also drove their daughter to a friends house to sleep for the night.  Commotion is hard for little people.   Andy is sore this morning.  Poor guy.  Tonight we will relax!



  1. I am just contacting anyone I can and inviting them to pray. Check it out!

    Thank You,

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