Posted by: Amanda | October 6, 2008

Weekend Rewind

Friday night we took our youth group kids (well, 2 of them) to UNITE Maine at New Life Church.   It’s an awesome event put on by New Life that literally unites the body of Christian teens in the area.  They start with concerts, then have an amazing video/acting drama (people came flying through the ceiling) and they end with a relevant message by a local youth pastor.  The teens we brought had never been before and they loved it!  The only bad thing was the event happened to coincide with homecoming weekend.  We had poor attendance which was upsetting, but the place was still packed.

Saturday we got up early and drove down to McDougal Orchards in Sanford.  Our homegroup organized a church-wide apple picking day.  It was really fun, but COLD! 


Saturday night I made two Apple Crisp Cakes.  One to take to church for hospitality and the other to share with our friends Van and Jessica.  They came over for dinner and dominoes.   We’ve been on a domino kick since my grandparents were here a few weeks ago.  I played as a kid a lot, but they refueled the fire I guess.  It’s really fun! 

Sunday, I taught preschool during church.  We learned about being a good friend (Proverbs 17:17).   The short video clip was on Job and how his friends were mean to him when he was down.  The video was way too s-c-a-r-y for my two year olds so we had to shut it off early.  I calmed them down with cupcakes 🙂  Which worked like a charm.

After church we out to lunch with our friends Pastor Aric and Lorissa and her parents in town from Idaho.  It was nice getting to know new people!  Andy was happy as pie because we went to Bugaboo Steak house.  I was happy because I didn’t have to cook dinner!

My mom called last night and said the professional pictures finally came in from Frank and Erin’s wedding!  She was going to send me a CD but I was dying to see them so I talked her into uploading them to my flickr account.   I can’t tell you how long it took me to explain to her how to do it.  She’s not exactly computer savy, but with the help of my step-dad I finally got all 300 of them this morning.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Me, Mom, Keith (step-dad), Erin and Katie


Frank and Erin 


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