Posted by: Amanda | October 31, 2008

Nothin’ Much

I keep meaning to update, but I don’t have a lot to report.  I’ve been sick allweek with a nasty head cold.  It’s really annoying not being able to breath.  It’s been worse than usual however because I cannot take one thing for it.  Not even cough drops. 

I’ve started seeing an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) – long word, long expensive bills.  She has me on a drug called Clomid to help me ovulate.  So far it seems my ovaries are still on strike.  It’s too early to tell this cycle though, so I’m in a thing called a 2ww (two week wait).  Waiting for what?  Positive something – OPK (ovulation predictor kit), positive pregnancy test, positively insane?  Anyway, I’m waiting.  And the IF’s are plentiful.   Regardless of the outcome, you cannot have anything during the 2ww as far as medicine.  Not even Tylenol, not even cough drops.  As much as I have begged.    It’s day four of feeling like death, but it’s getting a bit better.  

Last Friday Andy and I took to the youth group kids to WOL Superbowl.  It’s a stay-up-all-night-and-pretend-your-18 again event (at least for the adults).   We start with a professional hockey game, then a rally, then weird physical gladiator sports on the ice ( I did not participate in this), then bowling, the pizza (which is SO not appetizing at 3am) then just as your about to pass out from exhaustion…open gym.   I thought I was smart this year as I suckeredgot someone to come in at 2am and relieve me, but here I am with this nasty cold.  Hmm.

Luckily I have today off as well.  I’m trying to rest, but I’m on a card making kick.  Here are a few I’ve been working on the last few weeks

Well, i’m off to go buy some pumpkins.  We are carving them tonight at youth!



  1. hi. i’m eveyinorbit from i love your blog swap.

    the cards you’ve been making are so pretty! I hope you feel better soon and that good things are on their way to you.

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