Posted by: Amanda | November 11, 2008

Roller Coaster

8 more viols of blood were drawn today.  And, one big shot in my…….bottom.  Ouch.

I feel tired and weak. 

Andy’s insurance changes on January 1st.  This change was a huge surprise to us – we’ve had the same insurance for three years.  Now we can pick between two “pretty good” plans.  “Pretty good” IF you don’t deal with infertility.  The old plan covered everything, even IVF – which we aren’t doing regardless, but it was still nice to know it was covered.  After all, it is about 40 grand out of pocket.   The new plans differ greatly.  One covers nothing for infertility.  Not one thing.  The other, I’m still not sure about.  They are closed today for Veterans Day.  Super.  Trust me they will be my first call tomorrow.  Even if there coverage is good on that plan we have a 4 thousand dollar deductibles.  Um, right.

I found out about this change about a week ago and I’ve been reeling every since.  I’ve called my doctor’s office and asked to get a little more aggressive (stuff is still “free” up until Jan 1st).  Up until now I was just taking Clomid – which wasn’t doing anything (ie no ovulating) but I wanted to take it slow.   This cycle we are moving on to injectables.  More needles.  In. my. stomach.  Things have “shifted into turbo” shall we say. 

Andy has to get blood drawn before we proceed.  He would rather be buried alive then get blood drawn.  It’s going to be an interesting week.  I’ll try to remember the camera 🙂 

I’m trying not to let this “setback” deter me from the “goal”.  I’ve taken a week to think and pray about what to do next and I am confindent that we are acting in faith not fear.  That is the biggest struggle right now.  It’s hard to have faith when things keep getting harder, but we will press on…toward the goal.


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