Posted by: Amanda | December 18, 2008

So Busy…

I haven’t posted in almost a month! Not because of this or that, but because we’ve been incredibly busy!

Let’s see…where did I leave off last? Oh yes pre-meltdown ūüôā I did end up losing it a bit, mainly because it’s so hard for me to surrender control, but things are good again. Andy and I have had some hard talks, we’ve prayed together and we’ve become closer to each other and to God during this season. Which is good!

Buffet Line

Because of doctor’s appointments (on the day after Thanksgiving!) we had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans to visit my sister Erin and her new husband Frank in Plattsburgh. I was really disappointed, but it couldn’t be helped. We did have a great holiday anyway. Our good friends Van and Jessica came over for dinner and then we played Rock Band and a few games on the Wii. Like usual there was way to much food! I made a 22 lb turkey (brined it for the 1st time ever), mashed potatoes, corn, homemade bread, sweet potato casserole and PW’scaramelpumpkin pecan cheesecake with gingersnap crust. Wow. If that wasn’t enough Jessica brought her southern cuisine of cornbread stuffing, broccoli casserole, broccoli slaw and pumpkin pie. We could have fed an army. I just threw the leftovers out yesterday, isn’t that gross?¬† Click for more Thanksgiving pictures on Flickr.

December has been a whirlwind.¬† Andy got promoted within his Research¬†department and is in charge of a very big, very expensive (think 8 figures) project.¬† This has meant countless late nights, late night phone calls all over the world and one very tired husband.¬† I’m trying to be supportive and take care of things around the house, but it’s been hard.¬†

Me and Lorissa

On the 4th I put together an event at church called Ladies Classic Christmas!¬† It was a hit.¬† We haven’t had it a church before, but in an effort to save money I had the event there and brought in caterers.¬† It was about $10 cheaper per ticket – which I’m sure people appreciated.¬† It was way more work on me though!¬† Usually the restaurant takes care of things like tablecloths, decorations, wait staff…all things I had to bring in.¬† It was exhausting, but totally worth it.¬† Andy even helped out and served food along with a few other men from church.¬† He did pretty well until he dropped two salad plates down the front of his white shirt.¬† Yeah -that didn’t come out.¬† He was so embarrassed!

The food was outstanding.  We had a guy from church who is a professional chef/cook at a fancy restaurant in the Old Port and his friend make the meals.  I had apple, fig and onion stuffed pork loin, butternut squash and chocolate croissant bread pudding.  It was to die for!

It was also a great night of fellowship.¬† I love the ladies at our church!¬† After dinner we had a Yankee Swap – it’s notoriously feisty and this year was no different.¬† I ended up with a mug & hot chocolate and a recipe scrapbook.¬† Fabulous.¬† The hot item of the night was a foot spa and pedicure set.¬† I didn’t even try to steal it because I knew I wouldn’t be keeping it for long.

More pictures of Ladies Classic Christmas!


We did end up stepping down from youth group.¬† It was REALLY hard, especially because we are so close to our teens, but it was the right decision.¬† We feel like a weight has been lifted off of us.¬†¬† God’s timing is so good, and this was just another example.¬† With the hours Andy has been putting in – most of the youth responsibility would fall squarely on my shoulders.¬† God is good!

I’ve read a few really good books this month:¬†



Multiple Blessings,by Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate plus 8!

Great book!¬† If you like the show, you’ll love the book.¬† It is absolutely terrifying though – Kate and Jon got pregnant doing an IUI – the same procedure we are doing at the end of¬† the month.¬† Eek.


Marley and Me, by John Grogan

I laughed, I cried, it was awesome!


These two book purchases came in really handy last Friday when we lost power for FIVE days.¬†¬† Thursday night it starting raining, then it got cold, really COLD and everything turned to ICE and then the power went out.¬† It was fun the first day – a little chilly, but we played scrabble by candlelight (Andy accused me of cheating – is “meow” a word???¬† I say yes, he says it’s slang), we cooked dinner on the camp stove, we even went out in the evening with friends and watched Australia (great movie).¬†¬† That night we put a few extra blankets on the bed, swaddled Molly and put her under the covers and hunkered down for what would surely be our only night without power.¬†

I woke up at 5am and could see my breath.¬† Molly was shivering and Andy was dead asleep.¬† I took a COLD shower and then packed everyone up for Andy’s Mom’s UP NORTH.¬† She still had power.¬†¬†¬† We spent the next four days with her.¬† I had so much I had to get done – Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, making cookies, getting our TREE.¬† None of it would be accomplished though.¬† Time stood still for five long days.

When the power did come back we returned home with new tasks like laundry, throwing away hundred of dollars of food from the freezer/refrigerator, buying more groceries, etc.  I took Monday and Tuesday off this week to get everything caught up.  As an added  bonus the car stared acting weird on the way home from UP NORTH.  I took it in the shop on Tuesday and walked out with new tires, an alignment, oil change and a new light bulb Р$700 lighter.   Not a welcome expense the week before Christmas.

We will make do though.¬† It will be turkey instead of tenderloin, but that’s not the focus anyway.

Medically this month has been challenging.¬† I was suppose to start the follistim injections when I started my period around December 5th.¬† Unfortunately it never came.¬† Lots of questions came up, blood draws and internal ultrasounds ensued.¬† It was a very physically and emotionally trying time.¬† The doctors didn’t have any explanations other than not PG.¬† Then they gave me a medicine to jump start my cycle.¬† Someone screwed up at the office and gave me the wrong medicine.¬† I had a terrible reaction before the error was caught.¬† Another set back.¬† To rectify the error I got a BIG shot in my bottom.¬† HUGE.¬† I’m not scared of needles at all, but this was at least 3 inches long.¬† ¬†I had a reaction to the shot as well – for three days I had a fever, dizziness and my side was so sore I couldn’t put any pressure on it.¬† Sleeping was not easy.

After two weeks the shot proved successful and now I am back on track.¬† Injections begin tomorrow.¬† I’m psyched.¬† I have to believe the hold up was God’s timing.¬†¬† If I would have started them at the beginning of the month as I was suppose to the IUI would have been scheduled when everyone lost power and it would have been cancelled.¬† Thank you God for taking care of us!


We got about five inches of snow yesterday.  I was starting to wonder if we would have a green Christmas!  I hate driving in it, but it sure does look pretty.  Ugh. Although, yesterday I was coming out the post office and I totally wiped out as I was leaving.  So embarrassing!  My knees and hands were all cut and bloody.  It was quite a scene.

Well, back to work.  I have a half day today so I better get some stuff done!

Merry Christmas to all!


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